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Antivirus/Security Services

We offer you the most effective protection in a dynamic continent way. De Experts Systems helps you select and install a suitable security software that fits your office or personal need.

We offer update services; this was born out of the fact that many offices do not have a robust internet plan. Maybe their duty does not require much activity in the internet. This set of people have advantage of saving the subscription money. However, the security program must be updated regularly to avoid being infected by the newer virus.

How can my computer catch virus?
I have heard people often times asked this same question. After all I don’t do this or that.
Here are some of the ways your systems can contact it:
• Through browsing the internet,
• Through the use of external media objects such as flash drives, CD/DVD, etc.

• Through local area network (LAN). Etc.

Security Software Update plan
Our services can be employed periodically: weekly, biweekly or monthly. Whichever plan you choose, we will come and update your systems with our robust internet modem.
Our Charges:
Our charges can be weekly, biweekly, monthly quarterly and biannually.
We have varied price modules. This is due to some factors which include: the brand of software you choose and update plan and some other factors.
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