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Why Must You Have A Website?
Having a website means you are automatically open for business 24/7 with a potential local or international audience of thousands. An audience you only get when you have a website. They can see straight away What You Are All About, What You Sell, What You Do Not Sell, What Your Prices Are if you wish to disclose therein and can therefore judge whether or not to buy from you.

The beauty of being open 24/7 is that while you are asleep, your website is running itself; you can be earning money. And because your potential customers are already searching the Internet for your particular product(s)/service(s) all you need to do is attract them over to your website, by advertising and promoting it. In other words, half of the work has already been done for you.

Save Time and Money
The services associated with a website, as mentioned above, can save you time and money. For example, if you spend ₦10,000 having 1,000 Advertisement Flyers made (₦10 each) and they are printed with common problems (spelling mistakes, not properly sliced, improper alignment and so on) you either have to send them out (not professional) or waste your time and money recreating them (professional but costly). With a website you avoid these problems.

Spelling mistakes can easily be corrected, Prices can be changed very quickly and no paper needs to be aligned/sliced correctly. On top of this, all you would need to give peoples is a little business card with your usual details on it and your website address. The business card would probably cost around ₦2 each. Better still. You might only need to advertise on the Internet. Many classifieds websites are free to advertise in.

Photographs are very effective tools,  because they allow your visitors to see you, your products and/or your venue for example. A slideshow can eliminate the need to send out brochures while individual photographs can help visitors decide whether or not your venue is suitable for their reception party or monthly meeting place for example. With no photographs you will be losing potential customers.

E-Mail / Newsletter
The main benefits of using E-Mail are that it saves on Postage Stamps and it can be delivered within seconds to groups of people from all over the world. Even, scanned documents are becoming widely accepted as “Original” documents these days, mainly due to scanners and copiers being so perfect you might not know an original document from a copy. E-Mail is also good for Newsletter purposes (sending groups of people your Latest Promotions, News and so on).

Haven learned so much about the importance of (personal/business) website; it is time to move to the next level.

We know your fears; therefore, you do not have to worry as we also have better alternatives to tackle them for the best of your interest. A trial will definitely convince you.

Note: It is decision that separates the wise from the rest. So, contact us today and start recovering from what you have